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Commissioning Me

I take commissions for large and miniature paintings, and I can generally work from your photos, or gather my own reference material if it's feasible (like sketching on location). I work with you to make your bespoke piece of art, and you can have a lot or as little input as you like on the progress of your painting.

         I specialise in landscapes and old architecture, but if you have another subject in mind please do email me with your query – if I don't think I'm a good fit for your subject, I'll try and suggest another artist for you.

      There's more information about the process below, and if you'd like to know more please email me at and I'll be happy to talk you through the options.

Some examples of past commissions, little and large:

  • First Steps
    Please email me at with the subject you have in mind, and if you have an idea of the size you’d like or if there’s a particular deadline; I’ll be happy to talk you through all the options. I usually paint in acrylics on board; I can use other media if it’s feasible, although oils and egg tempera do take 6 months to cure before they can be varnished – this makes it a bit more complicated! If you live abroad and need your painting to be posted internationally, please let me know to begin with and I’ll work out if/how I can get it to you.
  • The Process
    I work with you to make a bespoke piece of art: whether your painting is designed from scratch, or if you have a photograph that you’d like me to paint from. If there’s a design process - like working out compositions or options - I sketch up to three designs to run by you with a quote for each before you settle on your choice. If you’d like me to sketch further designs after this, there’s a fee of £20 per design. I’ll send you updates as the painting progresses, and if you’d like me to undertake the framing too (I make some of my frames – particularly for miniatures – in my studio and hand-finish them) I can show you some framing options once you’re happy with the finished painting. I’ll ask your permission to post work-in-progress updates on my social media platforms (without including any identifying details).
  • How much will it cost?
    The prices of commissioned paintings are generally similar to the prices of available work on my website – it varies depending on complexity, scale and medium, and the frame style (I can also quote for the painting unframed if you would rather frame it yourselves). I price my work based mainly on the hours they take; with commissions I estimate beforehand what this might be. If there are different composition options, I’ll work out some designs and give you a final price for the design you choose. I ask for a 30% deposit before beginning the painting, then the remainder on completion of the painting. (those marks represent 20 minute blocks, not hours! This is when I have an eye break!)
  • How long will it take?
    This varies depending on the complexity, size and paint type - always difficult to say! But if you have a deadline in mind, I may still be able to take on the commission. I keep painting until I’m confident it’s as good as it can be. Paintings generally take between 35-70 hours of work, with miniatures taking as long or a little less than larger paintings. This is usually spread over a month as I often work on more than one at once to ‘keep my eye in’ – but if you have a deadline in mind, I may be able to prioritise you if my other work allows. The varnishing process takes a few days as it’s a 2-3 step process, and if you’d like me to frame the work that will add another two weeks or more.
  • Receiving Your Artwork
    I’ll post your painting along with any design sketches I’ve done for you, and the Certificate of Authenticity for the painting. If you’d prefer you can collect in person from my Truro studio (biscuits included!). For UK delivery, I’ll post your painting with a 24hr service (usually Royal Mail Special Delivery, or Parcel Force Express if it exceeds the maximum size). For the Highlands and Islands, these services may take longer. If you require overseas postage, please let me know where you require postage to and I can work out if/how I can accommodate you. I can quote you what I’ll charge you for shipping and packaging, but please be aware that any extra costs associated with clearing your parcel from customs will be your responsibility to pay.
  • Christmas Commissions
    My cut-off point for Christmas commissions is mid-October; but it’s still worth asking if it’s past this point, as I may be able to squeeze you in!
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