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St Mary's Chapel, Lead

This is the lovely St Mary's Chapel at Lead in Yorkshire: a well-tended relic of the 14th century still standing strong. This private commission was a very involved and enjoyable painting, with loads of textures to build up and unusual angles to reconcile. Standing alone and solid - if a little tilted by time - in its field near to the site of the Battle of Towton, St Mary's Chapel was saved from dereliction by a local rambling group and is now well-tended by the community. The higgledy-piggledy patterns in the limestone blocks were very satisfying to paint, trying to do justice to the angles and texture that's part of its charm.

'St Mary's Chapel, Lead'

Oil on Canvas


NFS (private commission)

Limited edition giclee prints of this painting are available by kind permission of the owner: smaller than life prints are available here, while lifesized (circa A3) prints are available exclusively at Gallery 42 in Yorkshire - my old haunt, and just up the road from the Chapel itself!

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