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Stillness On The Fellside

I have a love of painting flowing cave formations, so I couldn't resist these cascades of icicles down the side of Whorneyside Fell in Cumbria, or the pool at the bottom frosted over and bubbled like melted candle wax.

    Hiking in the Lake District was my chief love whilst at Lancaster University, but since moving down to Cornwall I've been living them vicariously through a friend's photos; when I saw his wonderful shots of this phenomenon, I was so smitten and itching to paint it that I broke with tradition and asked to paint from his photographs; and he very kindly said yes.

    All those rugged, tawny angles made it a tricky painting to orchestrate, coaxing a subtle drawing up from the pool to the sky; but it took me back to spending whole days on the fells, with ice axe and crampons, roaming from tawny valleys to icy summits.

Handmade Frame with Victorian Gilt Brass Inner

5.5 x 7.2cm


Available from my studio, and soon to be added to my online shop: please email me at if you are interested in this painting.

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