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Bluebells at Enys

At Enys Gardens in Penryn, Cornwall, the meadow turns indigo-violet each May; undisturbed for centuries, Parc Lye has wildflowers in abundance and its swathes of bluebells are famous.

       It took some experimenting to get the sense of texture and mass they have in life: standing there in person it looks like you can brush your hand over the bluebell carpet. The way they run into the spring grass took some subtle rendering, and I ended up building the individual clumps of flowers one dot at a time, then knocking them back with coloured glazes.

       I paint so many paintings in bright sunlight, but with bluebells the colour is at its most saturated blue-purple just after rain, in calm sunlight; it was a nice change to calm down the contrast and work with a very different palette of colours.



      Acrylic on Board
      Hand-finished Frame
      6 x 5cm

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