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Chapel Door at Skipton

I loved the arches within arches of this door in the Chapel of St John the Evangelist, in the grounds of Skipton Castle, Yorkshire. It was a pleasure to 'knit in' the texture of the pinky, tan sandstone blocks. Weathered old stonework is one of my favourite things to paint, a testament to the ages the building's lived through and its various evolutions in that time. This Chapel is Medieval but has been added to, partiatially rebuilt, then partially buried and reexcavated since. This is certainly the most humble of its doors and windows, the others being magnificent Gothic arches with delicate tracery, but I was drawn to this section; crooked old additions in an older wall. When I found the small metal frame at a car boot sale, I couldn't resist adding another archway to the piece.



   Acrylic on Board
  Hand-finished Frame
  5.4 x 3.4cm (image size)

Life-sized limited edition Giclee prints are available here in my Etsy shop.

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