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Into The Great Wood

The Lanhydrock estate is one of my favourite places in Cornwall, spectacular all year round - the shapes of those ancient trees in its Great Wood absolutely fascinate me. There's something primeval about wandering through those sloping woods down to the River Fowey; it has a quiet power of its own, lush with mosses and ferns and with infinite things to discover. And in spring, its bluebell display is probably the finest in Cornwall.

    This painting was my chance to really study and relive the bluebell woods of Cornwall, trying to capture their freshness and clarity; it was a challenge and a pleasure to work out and knit in those shapes, colours and textures. As my partner said, 'there's love in that painting'.


Acrylic on Board



This painting was shown at the 'Spirit of Cornwall' exhibition at the Royal Cornwall Museum.

Greetings cards produced in Cornwall of this painting are available from my online shop, as well as in the studio.

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