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When I stood on top of the Guinigi Tower in Lucca, Tuscany, the thing that struck me - and it's my overriding memory of Italy - is the clarity of the landscape and the richness of the colours; I kept pushing the intensity of the background until it had the strength and drama I remembered, vibrant from the bottom to the top.

   I turned back the clock a little with this painting too; I always like a timeless quality, to open out the narrative and give it space - no bristling satelite dishes on those higgledy-piggledy pantile rooves - just a celebration of the beauty of this 'Citta d'arte'.

    With such clarity in the landscape, I wanted to build in lots of detail, and create little vignettes to find when looking closer; there are some tiny details in the foreground best spotted in person!


Acrylic on Board

64 x 46cm


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