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Scottish Driftwood Landscape

A view down the native-treelined valley in a Scottish wilderness reserve, framed in Scottish driftwood.

Certainly the most complex frame I've worked on, it took first a good while to find the right piece of driftwood with a natural aperture, then a great deal of gentle persuasion to get the best fit! Having been preserved in a peat bog before being washed into a loch in the Highlands, the root boll was exceptionally tough. The edges of the painting are bevelled and gilded in 23ct gold leaf. I have another piece of driftwood from the same loch, but I'll leave the challenge of arranging that piece for later in 2021!


Acrylic on board, 23ct Gold Leaf, Scottish Driftwood

Circa 20 x 22 cm

SOLD (commissioned work)


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