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Stories of The Wharfe


A series of miniatures charting the River Wharfe, from its source in the Yorkshire Dales through countryside and busy towns, to its merging with the Ouse at Cawood.

This was actually my final project at college as a teenager; my interest in miniatures had just been peaked and I was exploring what I could do with paintings that take up very little space!

Each point on the course of the river is roughly five miles apart, and having walked most of the route and researched the settlements and landscapes along the way, I realised that my hometown - Tadcaster - really is a pinprick on the map and that the river I'd crossed almost every day of my life had had a long journey before passing under Tadcaster bridge. 

I was researching into the history of miniatures at this point, and wanted to incorporate the illuminated manuscripts that are the route of modern day miniatures. I had fun inventing some decorative designs that embellished the paintings as if they were manuscript illustrations, using raised gesso and gold paint.

Acrylic on Board

5.5 x 5.5cm each


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