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Walsingham Cave, Bermuda

Winner of the Royal Miniature Society's President's Special Commendation Award 2021

Quite modest from the outside, being obscured by vines and boulders, this cave is hidden in Bermuda’s Walsingham Nature Reserve, known locally as Tom Moore’s Jungle after the Irish poet. After descending some steps it opens out into a flooded cavern, which continues down into a network of underwater tunnels. There is the sense of depth and cool, clear space, and soft transitions from rusty red to aqua blue as the formations descend below the waterline.

      As with any scene where there’s high contrast, there’s always a tussle between how detailed and sharp each section can be without losing the overall impression of the lighting. I always want to get as much detail and clarity into each part so the viewer can pan around the painting, as they would if they were standing there in person; the jungle outside was crisp, golden-green and glowing, which was tricky to balance with the colour and crisp detail in the cave.

​     SOLD

     Acrylic on Board
     5.5 x 4.3cm
     Victorian inner frame, Hand-finished outer frame

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